Colourful exclusivity in your creation

About us

The brand Creative Colours® represents quality and exclusivity. Exclusive in the way we select, grade and market our products, ensuring that only the best producers make the cut. The highest quality of products is guaranteed as we work with only the best producers and growers around the world.


Creative Colours® ensures the highest quality because our products are handpicked and graded per stem and therefore adhere to a guaranteed specification. This makes our product perfect to be used in any bouquet or flower design. The perfect floral creation can only be complete with Creative Colours® products! Colourful exclusivity in your creation.

Year-round availibility


We only work with the best producers for Creative Colours®. Producers that work hard with us to get the highest quality possible. We have a strict policy for our products.


We only put the products with the highest quality in a Creative Colours® sleeve. We therefore guarantee a beautiful and perfect product for in your bouquet!

  • This floral kingdom is characterised by the families Ericacae, Proteacae and Restionacae. Within the genus Proteacea, our product range comprises Protea, Leucadendron, Leucospermum, Berzelia, Brunia, and array of other Cape Greens or Fynbos. A visual feast of shapes and colours, our Fynbos is a celebration of South Africa; The Rainbow Nation.




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